Dolphins legend Dan Marino lists his greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time; one surprising name makes the cut

NFL legend Dan Marino recently offered his own list of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Marino, a regular on any list that includes the best to ever play at his position, didn’t include himself though added a name that might come as a surprise.   

Marino was specifically asked to name his Quarterback Mount Rushmore, but the former Miami Dolphins signal-caller offered five names instead of the customary four. 

“To me, [Joe] Montana and [John] Elway, Jim Kelly — those guys, all those guys,” Marino told Sports Illustrated before Super Bowl LVIII. “Patrick Mahomes, he’s going to be considered one of the best ever, too. You got Tom Brady, you got a lot of guys. So, there’s a lot to pick from there.”

Brady and Montana being part of Marino’s list shouldn’t surprise anyone. The two are largely considered to be among the best quarterbacks in NFL history, largely because of their success in Super Bowls. Brady has three more Super Bowl wins (seven) and twice as many Super Bowl starts (10) than any other quarterback. Montana was 4-0 in Super Bowls and was the first player to win Super Bowl MVP three times. 

Elway and Mahomes also shouldn’t be surprises. Elway’s five Super Bowl starts is second only to Brady. He lost his first three Super Bowls with inferior teams before ending his career with back-to-back titles with the Broncos. Elway was a versatile quarterback who made plays with his arm as well as with his legs. He also had a knack for engineering game-winning drives. 

Marino called Mahomes “a really special player” during a one-on-one interview with CBS Sports prior to the Super Bowl. Mahomes showed that again against the 49ers while joining Montana and Brady as the only players to win three Super Bowl MVP trophies. Mahomes also became one of just five starting quarterbacks with at least three Super Bowl wins. 

“He’s an amazing athlete, first of all,” Marino said when asked to…


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